Kickboxer Dennis Siver upsets the Aussie fan favorite George Sotiropoulos via unanimous decision. Here is the live play by play.

Round One
Siver goes for a shoot and Sotiropoulos dodges. Sotiropoulos lands a right hook. Siver misses a jab and Sotiropoulos conunters. Sotiropoulos catches a kick and attempts a take down but Siver impressively bounces away. Siver clips Sotiropoulos on the chin in an exchange.  Siver lands a leg kick on the lead leg, but Sotiropoulos counters with one down the pipe. Wheel kick  barely misses Sotiropoulos. Siver catches Sotiropoulos on the chin and Sotiropoulos pops back up and gets caught again.  Sotiropoulos attempts a sloppy shot and easily stuffed by Siver. Sotiropoulos survives.

Round Two
Silver misses with a fluryy and falls. Sotiropoulos is starting to mix up faints and Siver is losing the timing of Sotiropoulos. Sotiropoulos fails two slow takedowns . Siver gets caught with a counter jab coming in and Sotiropoulos follows up with another jab landed. Siver stuffs another takedown. Both men continue to fake and Sotiropoulos lands a head kick. Sotiropoulos looks to have taken the round 10-9.

Round Three
Sotiropoulos starts landing a head kick. Sotiropoulos counters a jab. Siver gets some hooks in and Sotiropoulos continues to counter with jabs. Siver lands his infamouos spinning back kick that Sotiropoulos turns and shakes off. Sotiropoulos dodges a right hook and returns with more jabs and follows with a straight.

Official Decision Dennis Siver def. George Sotiropoulos via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-28, 30-27).
Siver now has notable victories in the UFC over George Sotiropoulos, Andre Winner, Spencer Fisher, Paul Kelly, Dale Hartt, and Nate Morh