Things do not seem to be getting better for UFC veteran Dennis Hallman. It seems the night before Thanksgiving his house burned down. Luckily no one was hurt in the fire. Hallman was famously released from the UFC after failing to make weight for a second time, as he explained it on personal issues at home. This fire is another in a long line of issues the long time MMA fighter has had to deal with. The story behind Hallman’s release is not one that is widely known.

The reason Hallman was paid his show and win money even though he did not compete is because the UFC president Dana White sympathized for him. Hallman is going through custody battles with his wife with who he is currently separated from. Supposedly, his wife has accused Hallman of abuse, but luckily Brian Caraway and Miesha Tate happened to be at his house the night of the incident and were able to corroborate Hallman’s story. He says that his wife has such wild accusations, because she is having trouble with drugs which she has been addicted to before.

You have to feel bad for a guy that stepped away from a job with the world’s largest fight promotion, from the sport he loved, and everything he has to support his family to try and take care of his family. It is not known what the status of his family life is currently, but we all can hope it is better. Let’s hope that this is the bottom of Hallman’s bad luck, and that things only get better from here.