Come Saturday, two of the sports best grapplers will go head-to-head. Demian Maia feels he is reinvented and improved on his already stellar jiu-jitsu.

“I needed to be reborn. I felt when I was hitting guys or going for a takedown at 185, sometimes it was like hitting a wall. Now in this weight division, it’s more fair for me. He’s able to mentally break his opponents because his will is big. There are other wrestlers with big wills, but I think he has one of the biggest wills. So you need to be aware because he comes to break you. Now that I learned I’m able to do well with boxing, I was able to train more jiu-jitsu again. I’ve come back to my grappling. My dream is to take the fight down in the first minute and submit Fitch. That’s my dream and I hope it comes true.” –Via ESPN

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