Jiu-jitsu stud and former UFC middleweight contender Demian Maia has announced his admission into the League of Extraordinary Gross Gentlemen yesterday, and he did so with a pic of the one thing that grants automatic admission into the elite club: a nasty staph wound.

Yup. Staph. The bane of everyone who rolls around on the mat for extended periods of time with other sweaty dudes and countless germs. Below is a pic taken off of someone’s Twitter account.


In case you don’t know, certain strains of staph (especially MRSA) can be fatal if not caught in time. They can also be really gnarly, and it takes massive amounts of high-level antibiotics to fix them, with the worst cases requiring intravenous infusions of the drugs. Presumably, this infection presented as what appeared to be a boil on Maia’s thigh when he fought and defeated Neil Magny at UFC 191. Guess it wasn’t a boil!