A “delusion” is defined as a belief that has little to no basis in reality or rational thought, and it’s often a simple of mental illness.

I don’t think UFC champ Jose Aldo is suffering from a mental illness, but the dude is definitely delusional. In a recent interview with a Brazilian radio show, he claimed interim champ Conor McGregor would pose little problem when they fought (hat tip to MMAFighting):

“We will run through him no matter when the fight happens, but his time will come,” Aldo said. “When it does, you can be sure we will smash him.”

Aldo fractured his rib two weeks before the fight, and has yet to return to training at Nova Uniao gym.

“I’m still recovering, should be back to training in two weeks,” he said. “I’ll do more exams. As soon as the doctor clears me, I’ll be back to training.”

Just to put things in perspective, the last time Aldo fought Mendes, the bout went the distance; when McGregor fought Mendes last Saturday, the American was smoked quickly like a cheap cigarette.

Aldo ain’t running through no one.