Deadspin may have an ax to grind with the UFC, but they also have some opinions about the fighters who populate the sport as well. Namely, that they’re all kind of weird.

And not weird in the sense that there are some fighters who maybe like to eat tofu and burn scented candles. Weird in the sense that they support Donald Trump and don’t believe there was a shooting at that elementary school in Sandy Hook.

There’s even a theory as to why this is so!

Still, they’re weird people, because weird circumstances brought them here. Fighters are obviously not wholly isolated from society, but they tend to have experienced isolation due to their upbringing, the sports they competed in growing up, or just the types of people they are. It’s part of why Ortiz enthusiastically supports a man who has called millions of people like him rapists, and why so many fighters keep trying to find out what really happened during 9/11: The propensity to see threats and conspiracy everywhere is a trait of people who feel isolated in some way.

Read the whole piece and come to your own conclusion as to whether or not fighters in general are weird.

I say who cares. These people are stepping into a cage to hurt each other for our entertainment. They should be weird.