The undefeated light heavyweight prospect, Phil Davis is more than confident in his abilities against his toughest opponent to date, fellow wrestling stand-out Rashad Evans. Davis looks to spoil Evans long eluded title shot by taking him out of the mix Jan. 28th. Mr. Wonderful responds to White’s explanation that should Evans lose the bout, Henderson will be next in line for the title shot.

Give it to Hendo. I ain’t losing. Give it to Hendo. I don’t care either way. You can give it to Hendo and there will still be a belt when I get there. There will still be a belt when I get there. I don’t care who the person is that has the belt but there will be a belt when I get to it and that’s all that I’m concerned about. If somebody else gets to fight the champ before I do, that’s fine with me.”

The two will headline UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28. Though a victory does not mean a title shot for Davis, he is more than happy to continue his climb to take the belt from the champion when the smoke clears.