Talk of a possible Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather fight – a matchup that pits MMA’s top superstar against boxing’s top superstar in a boxing match – has been akin to science fiction thus far. But that fiction is gradually getting closer to reality. Obviously, the reason is money – the UFC’s new owners, WME-IMG, need the dough to recoup on their investment, so why not cash in?

MMAFighting scribe and fight historian goes deeper in his explanation. Here’s a sample, but give the whole thing a read.

The other fascinating aspect is that in another generation, such a loss would be humiliating to UFC and McGregor. But today, when fight fans care far more about personalities and less about wins, losses and championships, who is to say that McGregor’s mouth won’t save his drawing power after a likely public humiliation?

Who is to say that the actual truth, which Dana White will talk endlessly about after it’s over — that McGregor played somebody else’s game and nobody should take the result seriously — won’t be the post-fight narrative that more than just UFC hardcore fans will cling to? And will that new narrative keep the UFC from declining as a business and McGregor from crapping out as a giant money drawing commodity?