Boxing specialist and Tuf season six winner, Mac Danzig (20-8-1) talked with CagedInsider about his upcoming rematch against Matt Wiman at Saturday’s UFC on Versus: Cruz vs Johnson. Though Danzig had numerous positive attributes to describe his challenger, he also shared his game-plan on avenging the loss.

“He’s kind of a grinder said Danzig to He’s good at everything. He’s very, very tough, he doesn’t stop. It’s more than just skills its his attitude and his intensity that someone has to worry about. He is good on the ground, that’s probably his number one strength. He’s a tough guy you really have to look out for as far as pushing the pace constantly. My goal is to pick the guy apart and not let him control the fight.”

Danzig an avid trainer in Las Vegas, NV was very opinionated on the topic of Wanderlei Silva’s need to retire. Silva however will be stepping in against Cung Le as a replacement to an injured Vitor Belort.

“It’s hard to say. It’s up to the individual. As fighters we put ourselves in a position lots of times where your body starts to fall apart. Not necessarily fall apart, but you lose your ability to take punches. I think Wanderlei is physically in great shape, but you can only take so many shots like that..”

“I personally think [Wanderlei] should stop. I don’t think a fight with Leben is a good match-up because Wanderlei doesn’t have much of a chin. He’s still offensive, but Leben hits hard. You lose to Leben, well you lost to a guy that hits extremely hard, but for Wanderlei’s legend status, it kind of drops down. That’s the game we all play. Fighters can only take so many shots to the chin for so long before it just becomes a button you push to turn off I would like to see him retire. I hope he doesn’t stick it out so long like these boxers have done.”

Interview by Dustin De La Torre