Daniel Cormier very nearly got knocked out by Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 187, but he didn’t, and beat Johnson.

Now the two are rematching at UFC 210, and as part of their duties as main eventers, they have to hype the fight. Which means some trash talk.

Since these guys aren’t exactly Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz when it comes to creating some heat, Ariel Helwani had to stoke the flames a bit when Cormier was on “The MMA Hour” yesterday. As per MMAFighting:

“The guy’s a bully. He wants to intimidate you, he wants to dominate you, he wants to knock you out. But what happens when you don’t knock somebody out? What happens? I saw this guy beat Andrei Arlovski within an inch of his life in the first round of a fight. By the end of the fight, I thought Andrei Arlovski was going to win. Dude had a broken jaw, but once [Johnson] couldn’t get him out of there, Andrei Arlovski just had to do a little bit more and he could’ve won the fight. C’mon man. You ain’t knocking me out.”