Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Poor Daniel Cormier just can’t catch a break.

He does more than enough to earn his spot among the best of the light-heavyweights the sport has to offer, but whenever he tangles with Jon Jones he comes up short, and then Jones screws the pooch, leaving Cormier as the perpetual “second best”.

This time around, Cormier’s crushing defeat via a kick to the head could arguably come because Jones was hopped up on SuperSoldier Serum – and if it wasn’t, there is sadly room enough to at least wonder if that was a factor in Cormier’s loss.

Cormier released the following statement on the matter to MMAFighting about this mess:

“It’s hard to find words to describe how I’m feeling right now,” Cormier said. “I’m disappointed to hear the news. It’s very emotional.

“We as athletes are entitled to due process, and I will refrain from saying much more until I know exactly what happened.

“In my mind, on July 29, I competed and I lost. I thought Jon Jones was the better man that day. I don’t know what to think anymore. I can’t believe we are going through all of this again. We will see what happens next.

“Thank you to all my fans who have supported me during this dark time. I love you all very much.”