Fun fact: one in five members of the American Kickboxing Academy die in training every week.

Okay, that’s a joke, but it seems like there could be a kernel of truth to it, especially since UFC champ Daniel Cormier had to be pulled from the UFC 206 headlining spot due to an injury suffered in training.

But Cormier says no one should blame the infamously gritty AKA gym for that. As per MMAFighting:

Cormier said not to blame the gym or coach Javier Mendez for fighters getting hurt.

“It’s not Javier’s fault,” Cormier said. “This isn’t college. We’re not high-school athletes. Javier can tell me not to spar and I’ll be like, ‘Yeah sure, Jav.’ And then I’ll go spar.

“People always get confused. They talk about coaches. The reality is, these coaches and managers that everybody thinks are in so much control, they work for us. They’re our employees.”

If people want to point fingers, Cormier said, they should start with him.

“The decisions are mine,” he said. “If I got hurt, it was my fault.”

Whatever. In a roundabout way, Cormier getting hurt started the chain events that led to Conor McGregor getting stripped of his featherweight belt. Boo that.