Jon Jones may want to go up to heavyweight for a challenge, but it looks like a heavyweight may be coming for him already. With the dilemma that come upon the light heavyweight division after an injury to Dan Henderson, Daniel Cormier has offered his services to help clear up the division. He proposes that he and Jones coach the Ultimate Fighter should they both get past their next opponents.

“Give Jon a challenge that he doesn’t get from most guys, and that’s something that I present. Hopefully, him and I get through our next fight. At the beginning of the year, let us coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. That gives me time to actually get my weight down… He hasn’t coached the show before, and neither have I. Let the fans get to know me better by putting me on TV for two and a half months, and then put me and Jon in a fight… I’m gonna take him down… if I was to fight him, or anyone else in the world, at some point in that fight, if I decide to put them on their back, I’m putting them on their back.”

It sure is an intriguing match-up, and Dana has been a fan of Cormier going to 205. The problem is both have tough matches in their future, and does the UFC want to give Jon Jones more exposure. Dana is heavily involved in the production of The Ultimate Fighter, and would he want to be near Jon that long since their relationship has soured? Also, would Jon trust the UFC to show him in a positive light or make him out to be a villain? Only time will tell what will happen, but as of now all talk of the future of Jon will have to wait until Vitor challenges for the belt.