Strikeforce heavyweight tournament winnner Daniel Cormier was just as shocked as many other fighters to hear that the UFC had issues making match-ups at UFC 151 to the point that they called off the event. Cormier tells that he would be glad to step in and face the dominating light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

“Right now no one wants to fight Jon Jones, but s— I’ll do it, I’ll fight Jon Jones,” said Cormier, who is currently preparing to fight the UFC’s Frank Mir, who is crossing over to face Cormier in Strikeforce. “Guys are turning down the fight; you have to go to an old school fighter like Vitor Belfort to step up to the plate. That’s no knock on Machida or Shogun, but if those guys want to coach on The Ultimate Fighter and move off to the side and let me fight Jones, I’ll do it. If no one wants the title shot then give it to Daniel!”

The fight is very conceivable as Cormier does carry extra weight to compete at heavyweight and has also recently made comments that should his training partner Cain Velasquez earn the title back, he will make his UFC debut at light heavyweight. Standing at a perfect 10-0, that is a perfect fight for the UFC to sell as Cormier is a legitimate threat to the belt.

“Dan predominately stands-up while Chael wrestles a little bit more,” offered Cormier. “But my idea is this and this is the God’s honest truth, Jones can fight anyone on eight days notice, he’s that good. With that being said I think he should’ve taken the fight. If you listened to what Rashad Evans said it was kind of Jones’ obligation to the UFC to stop the cancellation of the card. They’ve gotten behind him, I mean obviously his skills are what have gotten him a long way, but they have pushed him out to the front. They have made him a lot of money and put him in big fights. I’m almost 100% sure without knowing they played a hand in him landing the deal with Nike. There are a lot of reasons why he should have taken the fight, but the main one is he could have beaten 98% of the guys in the world on eight days notice.”