Former U.S. Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier admits he cried after a training session with Patrick Cummins in 2004.

But, Cormier wants everyone to know that issues surrounding him were more of the reason for the breakdown than Cummins.

The two will square off this Saturday night at UFC 170 in the co-main event from Las Vegas.

Cormier, in an interview with Shoot Media, explained what went down inside the wrestling room on that day.

“This was around 2004,” Cormier began. I lost my daughter in 2003, so I was (already) having a whole bunch of personal issues. (We) were simulating the Olympic Games, just as (Cummins) said and he did beat me in a match.

“I said, ‘We’re going again,’ (but) coach told me, ‘No, the Olympics are over for you. You lost.’ That’s what freaked me out and I ran out, and I did cry; I was pissed off.”

Cormier did want it known that when the two squared off on the wrestling mat officially, he earned a victory over him, 7-0.

“I was at 211 pounds and he wrestled at heavyweight,” Cormier said, of the official bout. “He was the No. 3 heavyweight in the country and I beat him.

“So, when we really did strap our boots on and wrestled each other, I beat him pretty good.”