Behind the scenes footage on UFC on FX 4. While Dana has not made many video blogs (vlogs) as of late, this one was well worth the layoff. Of course the drama of the main event plays out toward the end of the video. Clay who thinks he one says he is not one to complain, but at the same time calls the decision weak. Then Maynard makes his way back to the doctor’s area and tempers flair. Maynard seems to be the cooler head of the two with Guida accusing him of pulling his hair, and someone from Guida’s camp calling Maynard a faggot for flipping the middle finger. Obviously this is not the respect most fighters show each other after a fight.

For evidence of that look no further than Brian Ebersole who first talks about how he always feels so lethargic in the octagon. He says he always feels uncomfortable even though he is able to dominate in practice. Then once TJ Waldburger comes into the picture Ebersole offers to let him come train for free with him. Although Waldburger is unable to accept, that is the type of camaraderie we have come to expect in MMA there is always the complete opposite. As seen with Maynard and Guida.