Dana White

Following the UFC on Versus 1 event, White held his usual conferencing. White had much to speak on after the rumors flared about the UFC tossing together an event for April 17th to counter-program Strikeforce’s large card.
White has came clean and said they had never planned to really do a live event, but he is gunning for the Strikeforce event and not out of hate for the owners, but for his hate for their partners.

“I was never putting an April 17 show on,” White said. “The media started calling me and asking me. I just [expletive] let it ride out and let [Strikeforce] sweat it. [Expletive] them. You want to compete with us, let’s do it.

“I really, really, really dislike these guys at Showtime,” White said after UFC on Versus 1. “I really dislike them.

“We’re going to fight until somebody goes away. Believe me when I tell you it’s going to be them.”

“I don’t dislike Scott,” White told MMAjunkie “Unfortunately, Scott’s caught in the middle of this thing.

“The guys at Showtime – and I shouldn’t even say ‘the guys’ – there’s a guy there, and he’s a [expletive]. I don’t like him, and you guys know how I am. So, it is what it is, and unfortunately Scott’s caught in the middle.”

“This isn’t a thing about whether it’s good or bad,” White said. “This is a fight. They started the fight with me. I didn’t start the fight; they did. And you know how I get, and that’s really what it’s all about. I actually think there should be more (MMA) on TV. It’s all good stuff. It’s good for everybody.

[Source: MMAJunkie]