Have you ever wanted to hear the pound for pound best fighter Anderson Silva cuss in English? Well, here is your chance. On Dana White’s second video blog leading up to UFC on FOX 5 Anderson Silva makes an appearance at the end. When asked about the bout between BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald Silva responds saying, “I don’t know. As the boss would say it is a [email protected]#king great fight.”

That is not the only highlight. With the behind the scenes footage from UFC 154 done on the last video blog most of the footage from this takes place on the set of the Ultimate Fighter. The story that Chael Sonnen tells about Yushin Okami going back to Oregon is quite hilarious. He talks about how Okami stays with his mother when in Oregon, and the comedy that ensues as Okami goes to her house very late at night. Great story. Probably even better when told through the mouth of Sonnen.

Sonnen is not the only one to get some great lines in this Vlog, because Jon Jones does pretty well himself. When Sonnen questions whether or not Jones verbally tapped in the Vitor Belfort fight Jones has some great retorts. He brings up the first Paulo Philo fight as well as the fist Anderson Silva fight. He obviously frustrates his future opponent, and essentially stops him dead in his tracks. If this is a sign of things to come the next season of the Ultimate Fighter could be an interesting one.