Dana White is a lot different than the presidents of other companies, because you would be hard pressed to even find one that cusses as much as he does. That personality is what has helped make the UFC so popular – who thinks the UFC would be where it is today without him? There are times though that his personality does get him in trouble, and he crosses the line. So let’s take a look at the top ten tirades and feuds of Dana White’s career.

#10 Dana White vs. EliteXC

A long with calling the Shaw’s f**king morons, White had this lovely quote after one of the last shows where Kimbo Slice was knocked out quickly:


“It disgusts me. I’ve been busting my (expletive) for 10 years flying all over the planet to show everybody what a great sport this is and what amazing people are involved in it. Then CBS throws this guy who fights at people’s barbecues on the main event because they’re trying to compete with us, and he gets knocked out in (14) seconds by a guy who didn’t win ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and couldn’t fight in the UFC. Then the guy turns around the next day and says, ‘The promoters actually paid me to not go to the ground with this guy. They paid me to stand up,’ which I’m pretty sure is illegal… (Slice is) a joke. It was bound to happen. These guys have lost $60 million trying to get this thing off the ground. They’re building their promotion around a guy who can’t fight. It’s kind of (expletive) stupid, isn’t it? You’re in the fight business and you’re building your business around a guy who can’t fight… When dirty people go out and do stuff like that, it hurts. Promoters have a bad rap as it is because of the last 100 years of boxing. We actually started to turn that around and were doing the right things and then you have these guys coming out and doing (expletive) like that. It hurts us.”

Clearly White had no love for the promotion that barely lasted over a year.