File this one under “They Can’t All Be Winners”: Dana White’s boxing-centric reality TV show “The Fighters”, which debuted on the Discovery Channel last month and brought in extremely disappointing ratings, has been cancelled.

Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer has more info:

The show was scheduled for an eight-week run, focusing on the Boston amateur boxing scene with a single fight per episode. If the format sounds familiar, the same studio that produces The Ultimate Fighter — Pilgrim Studios — also produced ‘Fighters’. The debut featured Matt Phinney as a focal point, someone UFC fans will remember from his issues with Michael Bisping several years ago as part of Jorge Rivera’s corner.

Co-produced and endorsed by UFC president Dana White, that mid-January debut brought in 347,000 viewers — not enough to score in cable’s Top 100 shows for the day. At a recent UFC press conference, White called the show’s numbers “horrendous”.

Boxing coach Peter Welch confirmed the show’s demise with the following tweet:

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for shows to get cycled out of rotation at the first sign of bad ratings – even ones that feature fights. Remember “The Iron Ring”? It started off strong, then fell off the face of the Earth.

Oh well. At least we’ll have one thousand more seasons of TUF to look forward to.