Listen, I fuckin’ love art. Love it. That’s what I can imagine Dana White saying if you were to ask him why he has such an interesting collection of eccentric art. Fast Company did a recent piece on the UFC chief, when they stumbled upon this treasure cove of what would seem to be random art.

A visitor to White’s office in the headquarters of Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company, will

encounter a yakuza member having sex with a young woman.

The giant Nobuyoshi Araki print hangs on a wall next to a giant print of Mike Tyson’s bull neck, which isn’t far from a giant print of a gorilla holding a gun. A partial list of the room’s other contents: a painting that blares “Pay attention, motherfuckers!”; copies of the Old and New Testaments carved into the shape of pistols; a $380,000 print of a naked Stephanie Seymour hanging over the toilet. The showpiece, however, is against the back wall inside a glass case. “Check this out,” White says, hovering reverently over the case. “I bought it from a museum in Dallas.” It is a fossilized sabertooth tiger skull. It cost $160,000.

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