True love is hard to find, so when you come across that special someone, you must hold fast and tight and never let go. Such is the case with UFC boss Dana White and budding featherweight star Conor McGregor. McGregor was flown down to Brazil for this past weekend’s UFC 179, where he conducted a Q & A session with fans then sat cageside as champ Jose Aldo turned back the valiant efforts of challenger Chad Mendes. And just this morning, White posted to Instagram a pic of the Irishman and himself en route to Miami is Zuffa’s private jet.

You know, it’s cool that McGregor has proven to be an ultra-talented fighter with all sorts of promise and ability to sell fights, but at some point the other 500 fighters on the UFC roster are going to get jealous. You know what happens to the sultan when jealousy starts to spread among his harem of wives? One day the dude wakes up alone in the desert, and is left wondering where it all went wrong.

Ready……. Set…….. HATE!!!! Just landed in Miami for some meetings!!!! What’s up Miami

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