There is a lot of questions about this weekend’s title fight, since Renan Barao is defending his interim title against Michael McDonald, while the championship titile is still held by the injured Dominick Cruz. With no time table set for Cruz’s return, fans and pundits are left wondering whether the interim title will have to be defended again, or perhaps even upgraded to the official title. In an interview White talked briefly on the subject.

“Yes, we expect him to come back. Everything is going as well as can be expected, and hopefully he comes back soon.”

Sadly, this is the second time that Cruz has injured his ACL, as he was doing light training after his first surgery and re-injured the tear. With two knee injuries already in the bag, it’s hard thing to come back in original form–just ask Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. White believes that if Cruz cannot make it back to the cage that it may be time for a different career path for Cruz.

“I mean, if he starts training again and gets another injury that’s going to take him out for a year, and I hate to even say this about the kid since he’s a really good kid, but he should seriously probably look at retiring.”

The good thing is that Cruz gets to stay busy in his off time, because according to White the people at Fox love the bantamweight champion. He has been a guest analyst for numerous cards, and that is something White says he has the capacity to do if he could never fight again. All of this begs the question on whether or not they would strip the title from Cruz. It happened to Frank Mir after his motorcycle accident, but could it happen to Cruz?

“But I’m not taking something like that from somebody. The way that it works in the fight business is you beat the man who beat the man. Obviously, though, if he had to retire, then [the interim champion] would automatically become the champion.”