GQ magazine released their listing of ‘Sleaziest People in Sports’ and guess who made the top 10 – Your UFC President Dana White!

Instead of screaming his lunges out and boiling over until his giant red head popped off, White took the ‘award’ in stride telling that “You’re never going to be able to stop what people say about you, and everybody isn’t going to love you,”

White has been a polarizing figure as the head of the UFC and likely deserves some of the criticism, but must be given credit for keeping the ‘noise’ out of his life.

He continued, “But I don’t take offense to anything. When you’re in a public position like this you’re always going to have people say things about you”

While White no doubt has given people every reason to ‘say things about’ him over the years – including here and here and a recent incident over the weekend removing a judge for reasons only White knows. He later apologized as even he couldn’t come up with a reasonable reason as to why he did it.

The GQ article goes on to note that the infamous White has a reputation of ‘underpaying UFC employees, bullying rivals, and generally impersonating Don King as a bald white guy’

What is shocking is that our favorite crazy person War Machine who was picked up two weeks ago for allegedly beating up his on-again off-again ex porn star girlfriend, was ranked only one spot ahead of him in 7th place. If he makes the list at all, wouldn’t he closer to number 1?

Notorious drug cheat and mega-suer Lance Armstrong finished one spot behind White in 9th.

In White’s defense he runs the largest MMA promotion in the world, is pretty much the only front man of the entire operations and does it all during a difficult time for the UFC.

In absence of that defense he has done a fair number of things over the years to raise some eyebrows to anyone outside of the MMA community, which is where GQ sits.

The full listing is below

10. Bobby Petrino
9. Lance Armstrong
8. Dana White
7. War Machine
6. Tiki Barber
5. Chad Curtis
4. Isiah Thomas
3. Sepp Blatter
2. Aaron Hernandez
1. Donald Sterling