UFC honcho Dana White appeared on UFC Tonight last night, and while sitting in the hot seat fielding questions from hosts Brian Stann and Kenny Florian, of course “The Baldfather” touched upon the ugly issues surrounding champ Jon Jones’s unstoppable Hoover vacuum of a nose. But also nestled in there was talk of fights that will likely be made, and one such bout is another rematch between reigning middleweight king Chris Weidman and the legendary Anderson Silva. As per White, if Weidman defeats Vitor Belfort and Silva defeats Nick Diaz in their upcoming bouts, then expect Weidman vs. Silva III to be made.

Clearly, Dana White wants Anderson Silva dead.

For sure, the first two meetings between the world’s best 185-pound fighters were lucrative for the company, with Weidman vs. Silva II doing big numbers in a time when pay-per-view sales are much harder to come by. But did White not see Silva get slaughtered by Weidman at UFC 162? Was he out of earshot when Silva was strapped to a stretcher and had to be carted out of the Octagon screaming in pain at UFC 168? Given Silva’s injury rate whenever he steps into the cage against Weidman, another rematch is going to result in the Brazilian getting decapitated – or worse!

Money talks, but at this point you have to wonder what Silva did to piss White off…