This past week, erstwhile welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre resurfaced and fired off shots at his longtime employers, citing issues like lax drug testing as contributing factors to his exit. Well, last night at the UFC Fight Night 35 postfight presser, Dana White was asked his thoughts on the matter, and in typical Dana White fashion, no punches were pulled in his response.

Said White:

“First of all, I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but Georges St. Pierre is that one that said he wanted to do the extra drug testing because he wanted to prove that he wasn’t on drugs. It wasn’t that he thought that Johny Hendricks was on steroids or performance-enhancing drugs of any kind. He wanted to do this.

And just like you see in boxing – you know when I said I thought it was ridiculous for these guys to be doing [this] – first of all, you see it in boxing all the time: one guy comes out and says, ‘I want to do extra drug testing because I’m worried about this guy, I want to see what’s going on.” They never come to an agreement! This guy says, ‘I want to use this [doctor],’ this guy says, ‘I want to use that one.’ The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to test them.

I’ve talked about the Nevada State Athletic Commission as far as the refs and the judges, [but] they drug test. Not only did they drug test Josh Barnett for his last fight because Josh Barnett was a guy who had been busted for performance-enhancing drugs before, they also made Travis Browne do it too at the same time. And the UFC paid for that. We paid for that drug testing.

Also, for him to say that we’re very lenient on drug testing… when we go out of the country and we regulate ourselves, we test everybody on the card. Not just the main event, not just the co-main event. And you want to talk about being lenient? The fight that I was screaming about, yelling about that it was the greatest fight I’d ever seen – Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva – we tested the guys for that fight, we caught Bigfoot Silva, and he got destroyed. Literally got destroyed for testing positive – for going over the limit. He didn’t test positive, what he did was… Vitor Belfort, Bigfoot Silva, any of these other guys that are on TRT, we test them throughout their whole camp. So he did his last test the week of the fight and his numbers were fine. He took a shot after he got tested. So we tested him again after and his levels were through the roof, and he got destroyed. [He] lost the win money that we gave him, lost the bonus money that we gave him, and obviously he’s not getting an extra bonus. And he’s suspended for a year. So if that’s lenient on drugs, then I guess we’re lenient then. I don’t even know what to say to it.

What I heard is, Georges St. Pierre is upset about some of the things I said at the press conference, he’s upset that I said he didn’t win the fight, that I thought Johny Hendricks had won the fight – but if that’s the case, call me man to man, let’s talk on the phone, let’s sit down face to face. I talked to him after the fight face to face and he didn’t say anything to me.”

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White added, “Everything that Georges St. Pierre has said is a little kooky… If Georges St. Pierre wants to talk like a man, he can pick up the phone and call us or see us face to face.”

Here’s the whole press conference video. Fast-forward to about the eight-minute mark to get to the good stuff.