The long fought out battle between the UFC and ESPN continues as ESPN releases an article scrutinizing the UFC for low fighter wages, and holding a stranglehold on the industry as a monopoly. The article also previews an upcoming special in which a bleak picture is painted for the majority of MMA fighters that do not make it to the very top, struggling with low wages.

“We’re basically fighting for crumbs,” said one current UFC fighter, a veteran of more than a dozen years in the sport who also asked that his name be withheld for fear of reprisals from UFC management.

“The top 5 percent [of fighters] are definitely making good money, but you’ve got to look at the guys at the bottom of the card,” the fighter said. “They can’t fight anywhere else. If they make $10,000 a fight and fight every six months, they can’t make ends meet.”

As you can imagine, UFC president Dana White was not too happy with the allegations and has fired back via twitter, saying that they plan to release their footage of the interview, following the ESPN piece.


@TheFightingPost @joshgrossespn we will air the entire interview as is no edits after ESPN airs theirs! Looking very forward to this :)

@TheFightingPost @joshgrossespn trust me I have been a part of ESPN hack jobs that’s why I don’t do those BS shows and why we filmed it

@TheFightingPost in an attempt by gross and ESPN to do a hack job on us we were ready this time!! We are gonna blast these hacks!!

@TheFightingPost idk I’m in Rio but my stuff is ready to roll!!! I’m excited to smash and discredit ESPN and the piece they did!! So pumped!

@TheFightingPost can’t stand the lying 2 faced media fucks!! So glad we did this one right cause ESPN can NOT be trusted.