As with any fight week, for Dana White it is also blog week, and the UFC president has released his second blog before tonight’s fight card. Most of the blog takes place in Ireland, where White received an honorary award. He hangs out at a bar well into the night, where Nick “The Tooth” sniffs and drinks everything in sight. They also show a clip of White receiving his award where he suffered an attack of his Meniere’s disease, and it was so hard on the UFC president he was barely able to walk.

The most interesting parts of the video blog come later. There is a potential spoiler in it, because Sonnen’s number one pick, and England native, Luke Barnatt shows up and says he is headed out to train with Sonnen. He may be going out there to train with his TUF coach, because they formed a strong bond on the Ultimate Fighter. Could it also be that Barnatt made it to the finals, and like many finalist before him he is going to train with his TUF coach ahead of the finals?

Also, the Tooth takes over at the end as he tries to hand out tickets to tomorrow’s event, but the horde of people outside the venue are too much. Some official says they cannot do it there, but in a pure moment of idiocy he tries to go out another door and is plastered to the side of the building. The Tooth is luckily pulled back in where he is promptly scolded and asked to have the camera turned off. One does have to wonder if Barnatt is headed toward the finals, but I guess we will have to continue to watch the show to find out.