Sergio Non of USA Today caught up with UFC CEO Dana White to talk about his thoughts post-Strikeforce buyout and who is the next target on the UFC’s list to compete with.

Sergio Non: You decided to attend Strikeforce’s first major show after the acquisition. You said you didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable in the locker room. When did you decide that wouldn’t happen if you showed up?

DFW: I didn’t go to the first show … Listen, I own the f—— thing. At some point, you’ve got to get over it, you know what I mean?

SN: So what are you good at?

DFW: Who knows? Who knows what I’m good at. I don’t know. I love this s— and for me to sit around and talk about what I think I’m good at is a little weird for me.

SN: Well, you said that’s how you divide it up. So…

DFW: Yeah, we do. We do.

Here’s what I’m not good at: Sitting in f—— meetings all day. I don’t have the attention span. I’ve got ADD. So I can’t sit in meetings all day.

Lorenzo? Lorenzo’s a meeting machine. He knocks out all these meetings. Then me and Lorenzo get together later and he updates me on what happens in these meetings, and we pull the trigger and make decisions.

SN: Six years ago, you and Pride Fighting Championships were the two biggest MMA companies on the planet. If Pride hadn’t run into its own troubles and remained viable, there still might be two big companies instead of one. Is that a situation you could have lived with?

DFW: Yeah. We lived with it for a long time. … The reality is, there really hasn’t been anything since Pride.

Pride was the one that was the big competition. They put on all these big fights. They actually created stars, much like we do.

Could I have lived with that? I did live with it. I lived with it for years.

It’s fun. I like the competition. I love it. I f—— thrive on it. That’s the s— that gets me up in the morning. Make no f—— mistake about it. I am a competitor and I like to compete.

… I also feel like we compete against other sports leagues. We look at other sports leagues and say, “Ok, we can be this big or bigger. How do we do it? How do we get up every day and work and push the envelope and take it to the next level?”

It’s hilarious to me that when all the media and the fans talk about stuff — when you guys talk about Strikeforce and Affliction and IFL and all these other guys that were out there. Come on, if that’s seriously what you guys think is our f— competition, you guys are f—— way out of the loop. Way, way, way, way out of the f—— loop.

My competition is the NFL. My competition is Major League Baseball. My competition is these other networks.

I look much bigger than that.

Source: USA Today