After Anderson Silva’s disappointing and somewhat comical performance at UFC 112, a clearly embarrassed Dana White promised to make it up to UFC fans. And over a month later, he is still having to answer questions about the bout.

At yesterday’s UFC 113 pre-fight press conference, White talked about what he planned to do in order to ‘make up’ for the disappointing fight.

“I’ll get on my Twitter every once in a while and people will be like, ‘Hey, when are you making it up to us?'” said White. “Give me some f***ing time. I will. I’ve got to find the right time and the right opportunity.”

White also hinted at the fact that the UFC would perhaps do a free airing of an upcoming event.

“Maybe it is taking a fight and putting it on free TV,” White said.

Many fans suggested airing the Silva vs. Sonnen bout, but White made one thing clear, Anderson Silva will NOT be on the free broadcast.

“Everybody wanted to see, for instance, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on free TV because Anderson Silva did that,” White said. “He makes way too much money to put on free TV. You can’t do it. You’d get murdered.”

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