Well, the tumultuous relationship that is Tito Ortiz and Dana White is still the same after all these years. From their relationship as manager and client to promoter and fighter, to now competitors — it’s likely the worse it’s ever been. As Tito Ortiz relocates to a new home at Bellator MMA, after retirement and “feeling slighted” by White, he finds himself having to talk about the rocky relationship between the two to the media repeatedly. Here’s what Ortiz said to infuriate his former boss.

“I thought slavery was over a long time ago said Ortiz. It’s just one of those things that you can’t trust a word that the man says. When you can’t do that how can you work for him? When you work for a person and they’re bad mouthing you no matter what. How can you work for them? One of the big things now is bullying, and he’s one of the biggest bullies I’d say in the business. He’s a big bully.”

As White was confronted with the news, he responded with this:

“How about this f—king moron coming out and saying he was a slave?” White said. “I shouldn’t even ask that question if he knows what a slave means cause he is one of the dumbest motherf—kers you will ever meet. Seriously, he’s a slave to stupidity is what he is.”

Ortiz is not the only one that felt disrespected by White. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been voicing the same sentiments to the media. Both men have publicly accused White of sending them into their fights, knowingly injured, then trashing them when they didn’t perform their best. Whether White forced their hand is debatable.