If you recall, this time last year, the MMA world was still discussing UFC 152, when Jon Jones tapped out Vitor Belfort. It was a bout no one had seen coming, since Jones was supposed to defend his title against a guy who had actually been fighting at 205 recently, Mr. Dan Henderson. Unfortunately, “Hendo” got hurt and UFC 151 got punted altogether. It was the latest in a string of big name fights that had been cancelled due to injury, and was another low point for the UFC in a disappointing year.

Flash forward to today, and fans are still buzzing about the jaw dropping Jones-Gustafsson scrap, as well as the ridiculously good line-up that’s set for the coming months. It’s been an awesome turnaround for the UFC, as Dana White recently told media members in Las Vegas (quotes via MMA Junkie.com).

“This year has been great for us, coming off the worst year we’ve ever had,” White relayed. “I’m glad (2012) happened. I’m glad we went through that last year. Because if you would’ve told me before that was possible, I’d have said that’s impossible. You’re crazy – there’s no way that many people can get hurt consecutively.”

“How about Calgary? An entire card got wiped out, and then half the second card got wiped out,” White said. “I just would have never believed that could happen. Now I know it can happen, I know it is possible, and if there was ever a testament to all the naysayers about the validity of the UFC as a sport and the fact we have staying power, that year proved it.”

UFC 151 was a disaster, since it never went down period, but UFC 149 in July was also a complete gong show as White alluded to. Some of the bouts that got axed included Aldo-Koch, Akiyama-Alves, Bisping-Boetsch and Nogueira-Kongo…

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