Nick Diaz may be known for his controversial comments and refusal to do media, but after a year suspension, and an opportunity to jump right into a title fight, Diaz seems to have turned over a new ‘leaf.’ During the most recent press conference in Montreal, Nick Diaz was not only on time to his flights, but he was actually cordial with the media and friendly with the fans according to White.

“Not only did Nick come, he was on time for everything – I’m pretty sure he didn’t miss any flights,” White said, a reference to the flights Diaz missed that forced his absence from the aforementioned UFC 137 press conferences. “He couldn’t have been cooler. He came there and did what he had to do. He even stuck around and did pictures with the fans after. It was cool.”

Most interesting is that Nick was even quoted during the conference, saying that his opponent Georges St-Pierre is ‘alright.’

“I know he hates to do it, but everybody does,” White said. “You guys have no idea. These guys are in their camp, they’re in their own little world, and then they’ve gotta leave and do all the press and media and it’s hard. That sounds stupid, but it’s harder than people think. You’re answering the same questions over and over. But it’s what we do. It’s part of the game, and everybody wants to talk about making Floyd Mayweather money, but Floyd works his ass off to promote a fight.”

Some will ask, did Nick Diaz learn his lesson? That’s not the way Dana White sees it, as he points to the fact that Nick doesn’t feel that he usually have luck roll his way as it has as of late.

“I don’t want to say that he learned a lesson, like, ‘Yeah, we taught him a lesson,'” White said. “I think a lot of what he said at the press conference is true. I think he had this feeling like he’s been fighting since he was 18 years old, he never caught a break, always felt like he was on the wrong side of the deal since he was 18 years old. He’s had a year off, feels like he rested up, healed up some injuries and had some time to relax.

“Without him saying it, I’m sure he’s probably pretty excited to be back into it. You take a year off, pretty f—ing boring.” – via