With his recent win over Brandon Vera at UFC: Versus 1, it seems that Jon Jones’ number one fan is Dana White. Although White has all good things to say about Jones, he still doesn’t feel he is quite ready for a title shot yet.

“He’s not ready for that,” White said. “I’d like to see him get another year under his belt, and in that year, before he got a shot at the title, he’d have to take out Rashad, Rampage, possibly Shogun or Machida, then get the title shot.”

Although White isn’t ready just yet to call Jones a title contender, he feels that all the hype surrounding his newest prize fighter is justified.

“The hype is warranted,” White said. “The kid is incredibly talented. Every time I see him fight, he looks phenomenal, and he gets better every time. It’s incredible. He’s a serious, serious talent.”

Jones says he appreciates the attention, but also feels that he isn’t quite ready for a title fight, and is focused on bettering his skills in the cage.

“As far as the hype, I don’t ask for it,” Jones said. “I just train really hard. My ultimate goal is just to be successful and be able to retire one day as a successful mixed martial artist.just try to focus on the things that I can control. I can control my performance. I can control the way I train, how serious I take the sport. I can’t control the hype. I don’t ask for it, but I do appreciate the supporters.”

So the big question is, ‘what’s next for Jones?’ He recently stated that he’d like to take a little time off to be with his family. And while Jones has shown that he could potentially take any matchup in the UFC, he definitely won’t be having a rematch with Matt Hamill, even though White hates that Jones had to have his one loss so far be a controversial one such as that.

“The thing that really bums me out about [Jones’] career right now is that one loss on his record,” White said. “It drives me crazy. Every time he gets in the octagon now, I’m going to look and see that one loss on his record, and it’s going to drive me nuts. But even when that happened, the kid took it in stride.I don’t think anybody thinks, ‘Oh God, I wonder what would happen in that second fight?'”