Dana White:

“It would be a huge benefit to us if mixed martial arts became an Olympic sport. It would create instant awareness around the world, and it would be huge. I would support it 100-percent. I personally am not out there trying to get mixed martial arts as an Olympic sport – I got enough to do, somebody else can figure that out – but if it popped and they said, ‘Yes, we’re thinking about it,’ I would go guns ablazing and try to make it happen. It would change the game forever.”

The Olympic games is the one time every few years that the entire world comes together in friendly competition over the worlds most commonly shared sports. Basketball, Wrestling, Boxing, Track and Field, and so on, are some of the worlds most recognized sports where hundreds of countries compete for the gold.

The UFC and the world of MMA sports in general is already a huge melting pot of many cultures, so why is it not already a featured sport in the Olympic games? Well believe it or not MMA in it’s most ancient form was in fact once part of the Olympic games. It was known as Pankration – a combination of boxing and wrestling.

Pankration was an active part of the Olympic games back in ancient Greece. Today’s Olympics do not feature Pankration but they do have many countries participating in more mild forms of combat sports like Boxing and Judo.

UFC has been hard at work over the past few years to get MMA regulated all over the US and have had success in bringing it’s fights overseas to England, Australia, and later this year to the Middle East in Abu Dhabi. MMA is the fastest growing sport in all the world.

There are some that still object to MMA, calling it “human cock-fighting” and a “barbaric blood sport”, but promotions such as the UFC have a 100% safety record and are sanctioned by athletic commissions, with rules and regulations that protect the fighters. In fact boxing statistically is more dangerous than MMA, as boxing averages about 5 deaths per year. UFC has never experienced a fight related death.

So as the sport of MMA is increasingly becoming more accepted by the world, is it only a matter of time before we see the worlds elite MMA fighters from around the globe represent their countries for the Olympics?