Dana White is still pushing the narrative that Jose Aldo’s rib isn’t broken. Which is fine and all, but why bother? Nothing is going to change the fact that UFC 189 on Saturday night will have Conor McGregor taking on Chad Mendes, while Aldo watches from the sidelines like a chump. But whatever. Here’s MMAFighting with the deets:

“So what happened was, when the pictures went out onto the internet, right, and you saw this rib down here, that was an old injury,” the UFC president said. “That was an old injury that was calcified white. The real injury was the bruised rib and cartilage. He had a bruised rib and cartilage. And the big problem for Aldo in taking the fight, wasn’t the fight. It was making weight.

“He had to cut something like 24 pounds, and if he couldn’t physically do it the way that he does it, he was afraid that he couldn’t make weight,” White continued. “That was really the issue. But he did not have a broken rib. It was a bruise. Every x-ray he sent out was of an old injury. What you saw right there on his body was an old injury, not a new injury.

“It wasn’t UFC doctors (who cleared him), either. It was three different doctors.”

Again I ask: does it matter if Aldo’s rib is actually broken? Does it matter to you?