Stephan Bonnar has retired from mixed martial arts, according to UFC President Dana White.

The “American Psycho” looks to feel he’s done enough in the sport to hang it up. After railing off three straight in the Octagon against mid-tier opponents, Bonnar was awarded a last minute fight against the walking legend, Anderson Silva. Yes, he could not outlast the first round – like all other light heavyweights, but he did put his heart out, attempting to strike with the best (pic above).

Of Bonnar’s accomplishments is of course the story of how he saved the UFC. It was ‘The Ultimate Fighter: season one‘ when two resilient strikers – Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar went to war for three rounds. As the rounds went on, word of mouth spread quick that there were  two maniacs pummeling each other relentlessly on the new Spike channel. The spark would then light a fire for the UFC organization, leading to the level of success we see today.

Bonnar has just became a Father as of late and will likely look to enjoy his retirement with his new born. Thanks for the entertaining years Stephan, will miss those insanely intense stare-downs.