dana-whiteControversy could be Dana White’s middle name. Being the spokesperson and manager for the largest MMA organization in the world is no easy job, yet White is able to do so while stirring controversy almost daily. Perhaps this is part of what makes the UFC synonym-is with MMA- management. White has spoke out about the recent decision of CBS to go with Strikeforce. Here is what he had to say:

“CBS made its biggest mistake partnering with a tiny, small show with a roster no one cares about,” .“Just because you read on MMA.TV that someone is a superstar doesn’t make it true. This should prove that no one out there gives a [expletive] about Fedor.”

White then later on continued to say:

“If I hear any of you guys [sportswriters] calling Fedor the best pound-for-pound, I’m going to go postal,” White raved. “Do you think Brett Rogers would have lasted two minutes with Brock [Lesnar]? What do you think Cain Velasquez would do to him?”

Sorry to point this out but you recently named Nogueira “the current top contender” while Fedor has pulverized Nogueira in the past. Bottom line is that White is creating press for the UFC right now, and doing a great job.