When the dust settled on UFC 196, a couple things were clear.

First, thanks to the undeniable effort of Miesha Tate to win the belt, his monster rematch between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey was now a smoldering wreckage on the side of the road.

Second, his last remaining superstar – Conor McGregor – had just gotten his ass royally kicked, and any ass-kicking like that goes a long way toward tarnishing the star power of anyone.

But a fight’s a fight, and in a postfight interview with Megan Olivi, UFC boss Dana White was all smiles. Which is surprising, given how cruel a hand fate had dealt his organization.

Watch the interview below and see for yourself. And keep in mind that, sure, White is the promoter of Holm and McGregor, but he’s also the promoter of Tate and Nate Diaz.