UFC 161 brought us many surprises this past Saturday (June 15), including what could be fan-favorite Roy “Big Country” Nelson’s final performance — and it wasn’t pretty. A late replacement, Nelson lost a unanimous decision to up and comer Stipe Miocic as he broke the record for taking the most damage without going out, according to UFC president Dana White.

“Roy Nelson broke a UFC record tonight: 437 significant strikes absorbed without being knocked out,” said White.

With Nelson fulfilling his final contract fight with the UFC, the heavyweight is currently a free-agent, able to hear out offers from competing organizations. Manager Mike Kogan has since told Inside MMA that “the UFC has made an offer, and we considered it and we didn’t feel it was in the range Roy would feel comfortable fighting.” Of course that is not the end of the line for negotiations said Kogan.

To further complicate the matter, it’s no secret that White and Nelson “have never seen eye to eye.” White would go on to explain that Nelson disrespected him from the beginning. Following “Big Country’s” destruction of the highly watched YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice, Nelson climbed the cage, points to White and says “go get me a cheeseburger.” Years later, the comment still irks White and the relationship has only become more rocky as they worked closely on another season of TUF. With Nelson sharing the same “unappreciated” sentiments of recent defectors Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Jon Fitch, we may in fact have seen the last of Nelson in the Octagon.