Although Johny Hendricks and his flooring left hook have done their best to entrench a title shot with UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, the decorated wrestler may not be the next man to fight GSP after all. No, it’s not because Nick Diaz has been tapped for a rematch or someone else has inexplicably become the number one contender, it’s because of a man named Anderson Silva. You may have heard of him.

According to a report from MMA, Dana White relayed in a media scrum recently that he’s going to be talking to St. Pierre soon, about who the reigning champ wants to fight next. While Hendricks and his increasingly crowded bandwagon believe it should be him, White confirmed that if, and that’s a big if, St. Pierre wants to fight the demigod Silva first, naturally the “super fight” will be a go.

Now, aside from the fact that the middleweight champ has to defeat one of the division’s fastest rising fighters in Chris Weidman on July 7th first, there’s also that St. Pierre hasn’t given any indication he wants Silva next. In the past, St. Pierre has said that a bout with Silva would require him to add on muscle and leave the welterweight division for good.

Although White sidestepped that issue by saying St. Pierre would retain his welterweight belt, and could return to the division and defend it afterwards, it seems like GSP and his camp are viewing the Silva fight as his swan song. It wasn’t long ago that St. Pierre’s trainer, Firas Zahabi, told that he believes the Canadian’s career could be winding down, and that a fight with Silva would likely be his last.

So, unless St. Pierre has decided during his post Nick Diaz vacation that it’s time to make a ridiculous amount of cash, fight Silva and exit from the sport, don’t count on the “super fight” happening in 2013.


(Photo credit: Eric Bolte / USA Today Sports)