In MMA there are certain topics that seem to come to the surface every six months or so. One of those topics is the idea of a fighter’s union, which seems to be have been brought up to president of the UFC, Dana White. For White, he does not really care if a UFC union gets made or not. The only thing that would change is he would have to negotiate with a representative of the union instead of a manager. The reason he does not believe a union will ever come to fruition is because no one wants to lose their cut of the money.

If a union was created then there would be a way that the money was evenly distributed from top to bottom of fight cards. White expects that fighters such as GSP and Anderson among others that make large sums for their fights would not want to share their profits to fighters that can barely last one fight in the UFC. MMA as opposed to other sports is not a team sport despite what some trainers may say. People get into this sport, like any, to make money, but unlike football where it takes a team, MMA takes one person to be successful.

While there would be positives to a union in MMA like healthcare for retired fighters, a pension like football teams, or people to fight for fighters rights there are negatives as well. Would you like to see a lockout like the NFL, NBA, and NHL have suffered in recent years? No, I think we can all agree on that. Plus, whatever you think about Dana White and the UFC in general, they sure have done a lot for fighters, and they try to take care of them the best they possibly can.