Never one to hold back, UFC president Dana White scorns those who would question the UFC’s business operations. Especially when it comes to the release of popular UFC fighters. Following news of former top contender Yushin Okami being cut, many were quick to criticize the organization. According to White, the problem is that they already are over-stocked on top talent.

“I keep telling you guys our roster is too full. Guys have to get fights and every time after a show when we cut a guy, people say ‘F–k you Dana White, you’re an idiot.’ Shut up the f–k up and let us run our business. The roster is too full. We want to be good to the guys who deserve us being good to. Guys like [Yushin] Okami. I like Okami. I like him a lot. He’s a great guy, but when guys lose and are at a certain point in their careers or whatever the case may be, they have to be cut so guys like Dodson can continue to fight. We are in a situation where if a guy doesn’t fight, we still have to pay them. That’s not good either. Guys want to fight. Guys like [John] Dodson want to stay busy and active. They want to fight.”

Thanks to the accessibility of Twitter, White does hear majority of the criticism towards his decisions. Not an easy job, but White and the match-makers will likely be cleaning house again soon, following their last successful UFC card in Houston.