Legendary Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva – who for the longest time was the crown jewel in the UFC’s collection, and the closest thing they had to a god when it came to violence – has gotten old and cranky. So old and cranky, in fact, that he thinks he should be getting title shots… despite losing quite frequently.

He even went so far as to rail against the UFC, and threaten retirement if he doesn’t get his way. Well, UFC boss Dana White has responded to Silva’s demands.

As per TMZ:

Dana White says if Anderson Silva is even thinking about retiring he should DO IT … ’cause the UFC simply ain’t gonna give Silva the title shot he’s asking for … at least right now.

Earlier in the week Silva went public threatening to retire if he didn’t get a shot at Yoel Romero for the interim middleweight championship.

When we got Dana out in Beverly Hills he had some advice for Silva … get to steppin’ … telling our guy there’s no way in hell Anderson is gonna get that shot.

If we’re keeping it real, White seemed aggravated about the whole thing, making you wonder if Silva might’ve overplayed his hand a little.

Start looking at that pension package, Spider.