Dana White, the actor? This past weekends on Fox Football, during a new comical sketch with Rob Riggle called “Riggles scoops” we witnessed Dana White in a flash cameo. During the sketch, Riggle learns from a homeless man (Dana) that Cam Newton is pregnant (1:53). Shortly after, White had received some backlash from his cameo, as many somehow saw it as bad taste, and a bad look for the president of the UFC.

White had it out with the fans as he breaks it down like only he can.

“It’s a skit for a comedian. Pussies in this country cry about everything!!! Get a sense of humor. The pussies in this country who cry about everything everyone does makes me fucking ill.”

Interestingly, ill must of been on the mind as he had recently learned that Michael Chiesa had pulled out of his fight this Saturday with an illness.