It was not that long ago UFC President Dan White was quoted saying women would NEVER fight in his organization. Recently White expressed a change of attitude on female MMA.

“Here’s my thing with girls fighting, said White. Right now the place that it’s in is much like female boxing at one time. You probably have three or four girls that are really good and a lot of girls that aren’t, so it makes for some real bad mismatches,” said White. “But I think as the sport continues to grow around the world and more and more kids start getting involved in mixed martial arts I think that’s going to change.”

“I went to this fight one time in Northern California. It was a small show and these two girls were fighting on the card. One girl fought just like Randy Couture and looked just like Randy Couture. And this other girl was beautiful and looked like she took about four Tae Bo classes. It was one of the worst fights I’ve seen in my life and you can imagine what the outcome was. And it really left a bad taste in my mouth, but that was a while ago.

“This sport has grown so much and there’s so many more girls training.” “I’m sure they’re going to change women’s MMA over the next five or six years.”

Source: Jeff Cain – MMAweekly