UFC President, Dana White, explains how awesome Twitter is and the effects it can have on a rainy night in New York city after closing hours of a Pinkberry.

Dana White:

“Lemme tell you when I started goofing around with Twitter. Lemme fuckin’ lay this out for you. I’m in New York City. It’s 10:30 on a Monday night in midtown Manhattan. It’s raining. And it’s a Jewish holiday, okay? As you know, I’m a Pinkberry freak. I like to have my Pinkberry. I have this one store in midtown Manhattan that will stay open for me late. I just have to call and let them know, and after I have dinner, I always go there and eat Pinkberry, right? So this one time I’m like, ‘Let’s just fuck around here and try something.’ I Twitter my people. I say, ‘Meet me at Pinkberry in midtown Manhattan. I got tickets to the fight if you guys want to go.’ So you’ve been to New York enough, right? People don’t give a fuck about anything in New York. I’ve never seen a city where people just don’t fucking care — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can be walking down the street holding hands and people could care less, you know? They take shit in stride. I’m twenty minutes late showing up to Pinkberry. The fucking place is packed. There’s people everywhere. I get out of the car and everybody starts cheering and going crazy. I look at the police and I’m like, ‘Are you guys mad?’ And they’re like, ‘We didn’t believe you were coming.’ I get out, I sign autographs, take pictures. We hand out like a zillion tickets. We’re there for two hours. “And this is the craziest fucking thing about this whole story: Not only is it Monday night, raining, in midtown Manhattan on a Jewish holiday, I’m giving away tickets to a fight in fucking Los Angeles. I can’t believe it either…. I get chills just talking about this.”