It seems Dana White is on a roll as of late with his interviews. Last Saturday he said the UFC was close to signing Fedor Emelianenko before he retired, then he had a scathing interview on UFC Tonight, and at the pre-fight UFC 156 media scrum he unleashed on a multitude of topics.

At around 6:12 in the video below he speaks on Randy Couture, saying the former two-division champion is the farthest thing from “Captain America”, and that he is happy to not be in business with him anymore. According to White, he learned about the real Couture when Couture spread rumors about his pay when he tried to leave the UFC during his reign as heavyweight champion.

At around 8:30 in the video, White talks about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, saying he is not upset that he is gone from the promotion. The UFC president points to Rampage’s attitude, penchant badmouthing the company, and his current losing streaks as all reasons not to resign him. White even says everything Rampage says is absolute bullshit.

Other interesting tidbits are that Chael Sonnen is wanted in a movie with Robert De Niro, Rashad Evans and Chris Weidman seem to be on the short list to face Anderson Silva, a stadium show is not on the radar for right now, the FOX deal was very last-minute and the UFC almost signed with another network, Alistair Overeem is going to get the title shot if he wins against Antonio Silva, Fight Metrics is going to supply the UFC with their own rankings, and of course White takes a little time to hype UFC 157 for the media in attendance.