While the pre-fight press conference was going on today all the members of media – and the fans – wanted Dana White’s take on why Jon Fitch was cut. According to White, he said that some of the leading factors to Fitch being cut were his price tag, and that he was down-sliding in his career. He said no matter what way you look at it, Fitch was 1-2-1 in his last four fights, and his only win came against Erick Silva, who is not even ranked in the division. Fans pointed to fighters like Leonard Garcia and Dan Hardy as people that should have been cut before Fitch because they had lost multiple fights in a row. Well, keeping those fighters has lead to the UFC being overstaffed.

White announced that Zuffa has over 400 fighters currently on contract, and that is 100 more than they should have signed. “The blood has yet to be shed,”  White said in what has to be an ominous warning to fighters that have a few losses so far. He was apologetic to Ulysses Gomez, Vladimir Matyushenko and others who were not called before the list of cuts fighters were released. They were reduced to finding out on Twitter or through MMA news outlets.

Other points of interest in the pre-fight media scrum mostly fell on the fight card for this Saturday, and of course on Ronda Rousey. There is only so many times people can be asked the same question, but White commented that Rousey is easily the most transcending star the UFC has ever had. She is bigger than Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre, and White said there is no denying it when sport and media giants like Forbes and HBO want to cover her. Those are media outlets that have never covered the UFC ever before.

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