Currently retired Nick Diaz and Dana White seem to finally be communicating. At least that is what he had told the fans yesterday during a Q&A session at Barrio Cantina in Boston.

“I talked to Diaz today, and I made him an offer, so we’ll see what happens,” White said. “He had been talking about going to 185 pounds. Machida has been talking about going to 185 pounds. So we wanted to see if he wanted to fight Machida at 185.”

Interesting to say the least, as the news comes the following day after White had “loved” the proposed Lyoto Machida versus Vitor Belfort grudge match. White explains the change of heart.

“I wanted Machida to fight Vitor Belfort, but Vitor Belfort is his own matchmaker, apparently,” White joked. “He wants to make his own fights.”

The days of taking the fight the promotion offered or suffering the consequences seem to be a thing of the past — at least for the upper echelon of competition. White admits that the ball is currently in their court, as they are free to accept or pass.

“They said they’d get back to me,” White told shortly after.